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      Home > Products > Smart PDLC Film


                                              while shopping plazas use it on the crystal back projection screen to attract customers.

      Smart PDLC film is an intelligent film, a film that can be directly sticked on glass, which can adjust light under electric pressure to switch between transparent and mist, and meet the double requirements of glass on penetrability and privacy protection; lighting is good even when it's not transparent. 


         This product realizes optoelectrical functions of optical film by employing LC optics. Currently, this product has been widely applied in Europe, America and Japan. Hollywood stars, directors, industry big wheels and multinational enterprises employ optical glasses in the decoration of their luxury up scale houses and buildings.

      1.T-Photon® Physical property

       Thickness    Double tempered glass  4+4,5+5,6+6,8+8,10+10,12+12 (mm)
        a piece of Pdlc-interlayer  1.14mm  approximately
        Max size                                      1500×3500(mm)
        Life time

                                           >50,000hr (ON)

       View angle




      Standard.Pass Chinese Safety Glass Compulsory Certification(CCC).

      Accordance with GB9962-1999              Laminated safety glass

      ASTM D882-02&ASTM D3330-04             Laminated safety glass

         It's unreachable by other curtains of today and have insulation and reflection effect on infrared light, which makes your room warm in winter and cool in summer, environmental and energy saving. Park use optical film to create magic effects, villas, banks, insurance companies, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, jewelry stores, and relics houses, museums, churches and command centers use it on sheds, doors, windows and ceilings.

      2.T-photon® Technical parameter  
      ITEMS   PARAMETER      STATUE     
       Parallel light transmittance    79%    power on
      5%     power off
      Visible light transmittance  81%    power on 
      52%    power off 
       Haze    8%     power on 
      90%        power off
       Reaction  10ms    power on   
      200ms    power off
       Operating Voltage 60V    power on    
       Power Consumption 6w/m²    power on    
       Works temperature 0~55°C     ————
      ®do best to meet your requirement !